Towson’s White Student Union Hits the Big Time

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I’m starting to think that Matthew Heimbach, crusader on behalf of the white race/Towson senior/founder of the school’s White Student Union, is an evil genius. Not necessarily for the same reasons as the Southern Poverty Law Center (who describes the student as a “white nationalist”), although that may be true, but because he’s managed to parlay his rabblerousing into a significant media presence. Case in point:  the Huffington Post just invited him to be on a panel with a host of experts, professors, and people we generally take seriously.

The HuffPost edit of the panel is a little sound-bite-y — it only lasts around five minutes — and features Heimbach leaning back in his chair and trotting out many of his familiar points (there is “an inherent anti-white bias” in both academia and the world in general). My favorite moment is when a student from Howard University agrees with Heimbach that there’s no problem with the existence of a White Student Union… but points out that it’s pretty exclusionary that the group’s first invited guest was a well-documented, extremely controversial white nationalist.

Overall, the panel is not too interesting in itself, especially if you’ve been following Heimbach’s antics over the past year or so. What’s remarkable is what a good job he’s done of raising his profile and getting himself taken seriously on a national stage, mostly through the power of pissing people off. (I have a feeling that the WSU momentum at Towson will fall off sharply once Heimbach graduates in May.) And I have to admit, I’m curious (and a little terrified) to see what his next steps will be.

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