Towson’s White Students Union Takes Its Craziest Step Yet

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I almost sympathize with Towson’s White Student Union, our most ardent local race-baiting trolls. How do you top causing a national firestorm by advocating segregation during CPAC? And since it’s clear that Matthew Heimbach and his WSU cohorts are more about getting press and making people angry rather than causing measured, rational debate, it had to be something big.

This week, Heimbach announced that his group will begin going out on nighttime patrols with the aim of making citizen arrests to combat the “very large problem of black-male-against-white-female crime,” Heimbach told the Baltimore Sun. Anyone else hearing intimations of 1960s lynch mobs? Or, at the very least, George Zimmermans? The slightly reassuring news: The WSU crews will be unarmed; The slightly-less reassuring news: the group has recently taken up firearms training.

Heimbach told critics that although he sees the big problem around Baltimore to be black men committing “violent felonies” against white women, the group would help any crime victim it came across, no matter his or her race. That’s good news, since the vast majority of victims of violent crime in Baltimore (and across the nation) are young black men. I can’t tell you how eager I am to see this young man graduate — just as long as he doesn’t set up his seemingly-inevitable militia compound within 100 miles of Baltimore, please.

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  1. It’s sad that he is this ignorant and dangerous. Someone is going to get hurt during their citizens arrest…undoubtedly it will be a WSU member.

  2. No different then BBSM. Can’t white people stand for themselves or only certain people can without being smeared by the media ? Black on White violence is real ! It’s been plaguing Baltimore for many years. As a white person growing up in Baltimore where we were the minority I assure you Black on White violence did and probably still does exist. We , the Whites I hung with didn’t take any crap even when heavily outnumbered. Come on you media mental case , “60’s ” lynch mobs – Georgia Zimmerman ? BTW Zimmerman was Hispanic. Yes it’s true Blacks in Baltimore and across the nation are victims of violent crime perpetrated by others Blacks mainly. Why not report on Black on White crime ? Seriously. So according to the (person) who wrote this article this young man is going to build a compound upon graduation- WTF . Crime on college campuses needs to be curbed so we can graduate intelligent students without interruption of study. But I forget the Proffessers these days are not intelligent so it probably won’t matter. Most Proffessers are either affirmative action (proponents) or far left burnt out hippies from the “60’s”

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