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“The American people don’t know what’s best for them,” says Frank Underwood in the trailer for the fifth season of Netflix’s “House of Cards.” “I do. I know exactly what they need.”

For fans of the popular political drama series, those words may seem unsurprising coming from Underwood’s mouth, but they do carry an unusually spooky fascist undertone. The new trailer, released today, seizes upon many Americans’ fears that such extremist thinking has taken root in American politics, particularly given the ugly nationalist rhetoric framing our most recent presidential election.

Of course, Netflix’s trailer takes that fear to new heights, with Underwood suggesting he could continue seeking re-election terms upon terms down the line, as far in the future as 2036.

In the rest of the intense, minute-long montage of the unreleased season, he frames Americans as vulnerable children. Those who’ve kept up know he’s speaking broadly about voters ahead Election Day of 2016, which is approaching in the show.

Watch below:

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Back in January, Netflix announced the new season would stream online starting May 30. The newest installment was once again filmed in Baltimore and other parts of Maryland after some haggling for state tax credits. Producers held a casting call in Bel Air last summer.

There aren’t any discernible Charm City landmarks in the trailer, but viewers can count on seeing plenty if they keep their eyes peeled when they start watching at the end of the month. We at least know we can expect to see this Churchville gas station, if nothing else.

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