After last year’s Grand Prix organizers dissolved, leaving fees to the city and state unpaid and investors in the lurch, Baltimore got right back on the horse — er, car — signing a contract with a new group, Downforce Racing, to organize the Baltimore Grand Prix for the next five Labor Days.

Now, with the race only months away, Downforce Racing’s director of public affairs Chichi Nyagah-Nash has announced her resignation, saying she “didn’t jell” with the rest of the group. That’s half their staff gone. And The Sun has reported that Dale Dillon — one-third of Downforce’s partners and the only one who has ever promoted an IndyCar race — will likely leave the group.

Oh yeah, also, Downforce has not yet signed an agreement with IndyCar or the Maryland Stadium Authority to be able to put on the race.

If Downforce doesn’t pull it together, maybe the city should just put an ad on craigslist: “L@@K!: Large Maryland city needs auto race promoter. Must be trustworthy and make the city millions of dollars. BEEN BURNED BEFORE! No liars, no deadbeats. GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO SHINE!”

One reply on “New Baltimore Grand Prix Group Beginning to Fall Apart”

  1. Why is the City so commited to this race? I suspect that some City officials wish this could all quietly go away but fear that “I told you so’s” from the folks who did not support the race previously. OK, let’s make a deal: Mayor, and other Grand Prix supporters — if you just let this albatross die a quick and quiet death, we promise not to say “I told you so.” You made a good effort to bring something new to the City, but it hasn’t worked out.

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