New York Times Catches On to the Maryland Flag Trend

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As we’ve mentioned before, Maryland has the best state flag in the country. This argument was given further weight this weekend, when the New York Times reported that the flag was all over the place– including on shorts, pants, socks, shoes, helmets, and even cornhole boards–at the school’s first Big Ten home game.

The Times credits Under Armour’s 2011 incorporation of the flag into the University of Maryland’s football uniforms with starting the trend. Fun fact: the Under Armour folks toyed around with the idea of giving the helmets a tortoise shell pattern (a reference to terps, aka terrapins) instead. We think they made the right decision.

But you don’t have to be a UM fan to enjoy wearing the Maryland flag. Here are a few other ways you can show off your state pride while also looking great:


Hand-painted Maryland Vans by Etsy artist EricaXPage


Maryland flag bow tie from Route One Apparel


Maryland flag socks from LAX World

UPDATE: Along with the comment below, Mike from Maryland flag clothing company State Your Gear emailed to let us know we left out some of the most eye-popping state fashions. Fittingly, the production company behind State Your Gear is named Loudmouth.

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