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Hogan Defends Md. Flag After Controversy Over Confederate Ties


Rest assured, Maryland flag protectors: The governor has no intention of changing the state banner.

Route One Apparel Offers Md. Flag Gear for the Whole Family

Ready your red, white, black, and gold clothing. Here comes Maryland Day!

In 1634, two ships full of British settlers landed at St. Clement’s Island and colonized the Province of Maryland. Among those settlers was the Calvert family, credited with both founding Maryland and inspiring our iconic state flag with its family crests.

Every year on March 25, we celebrate that founding with an official state holiday and by waving Maryland’s bold and unique flag in all its red, white, black and gold glory. Nearly four centuries later, thanks in large part to a motivated graduate from UMD, we can wear that flag too.

The Maryland Flag Is (Still) Having a Moment



Last October, the New York Times identified the Maryland flag pattern on shorts, pants, socks, shoes, hats, and shirts around the University of Maryland campus. Yes, they ventured to guess, the distinctive pattern was starting to become a trend. Now, one year later, those instincts have been proven right–the Maryland flag seems like it’s on everyone’s clothes, and not just in College Park.

New York Times Catches On to the Maryland Flag Trend



As we’ve mentioned before, Maryland has the best state flag in the country. This argument was given further weight this weekend, when the New York Times reported that the flag was all over the place– including on shorts, pants, socks, shoes, helmets, and even cornhole boards–at the school’s first Big Ten home game.