So What Do We Think of the New Maryland License Plates?

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Goodbye, War of 1812. 

Maryland’s 1812-themed license plates feature the Star Spangled Banner, some bombs bursting in air (or maybe they’re supposed to be fireworks?), and a general patriotic, red/blue theme. To be honest, I never liked them all that much.

Last year, when we realized Maryland was due for a new license plate design, we speculated that state officials would likely opt to return to the classic Maryland flag design. It looks like we were half right. The new state license plate, unveiled by Governor Larry Hogan earlier this week, does feature the flag–but it looks significantly different from the old version, where the flag pattern was tastefully enclosed within a shield. This new design looks a little cartoonish to me. Or maybe I’m just resistant to change.

The new plate design, which is being called “Maryland Proud,” has the state flag emblazoned across the bottom of the plate. That makes it very on-trend since, in case you haven’t noticed, the flag is hot these days.

All license plates issued after September 26 will have the new design, but if you’ve got one of the old plates and you prefer not to change, you don’t have to.

How do you feel about the new design, readers?

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