Nitro Circus Extreme Sports Tour Coming to Annapolis in July

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Travis Pastrana mid-air, via Wikimedia Commons

Motocross legend and Travis Pastrana has managed to kill the doubts of Annapolis residents with kindness. Yesterday, he announced his Nitro Circus extreme sports tour overcame some initial community opposition and is officially set to stop in his hometown this July.

Before he became a high-flying, record-breaking, backflipping dirt biker, Pastrana was a kid growing up in Maryland’s capital city. He went on to become a world-famous extreme sports athlete, winning gold medals at ESPN’s X-Games in numerous motocross events and later venturing into rally racing, base jumping and NASCAR.

For the last half-decade, Pastrana and dozens of other daredevils have been touring the world with their Nitro Circus Tour. This year, he was planning to bring the chaotic, stadium-packing event back to Annapolis for the first time. But when Nitro Circus applied for a permit to hold the event at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, a community adjacent to stadium voted against it and asked the city’s mayor and their alderman not to allow it to move forward, saying it was “inappropriate” in a residential community.

But Pastrana didn’t let that stop him. Earlier this month, he, Mayor Mike Pantelides and others walked from door-to-door in the surrounding neighborhood “to ensure that the residents of that community are fully informed” about the show. They also met with officials and residents to figure out how to alleviate their noise concerns. Nitro Circus personnel argued that their show actually is less noisy than a college football game – a regular occurrence at the stadium.

The personalized effort worked. Yesterday, the City of Annapolis approved the event for July 23.

“I appreciate the city’s support of our event, and I want to thank the local community for their ongoing encouragement,” Pastrana said in a statement on the Nitro Circus website. “This performance is about being able to bring something that I am very proud of to my hometown.”

As part of their deal, Pastrana has also promised to invite local charity groups and kids to a VIP pre-show segment.

Tickets for the Annapolis stop of the Nitro Circus tour go on sale on Feb. 17.

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