No Legal Pot for Maryland While Gov. Buzzkill Is in Office

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Given that Americans seem to be mustering ever greater support for marijuana legalization, I’m actually a little surprised that Gov. Martin O’Malley gave a rather out of date take on legal pot, rejecting the notion on the grounds that marijuana is a “gateway to more harmful activity.”

If he’s referring to more harmful drugs, recent evidence tends to discredit that view. If he’s referring to criminal activity, then legalization could help that. If, on the other hand, he is just sick of his stoner neighbors blasting Pink Floyd’s Piper at the Gates of Dawn* at all hours, then — and only then — do I see his point.

Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller sees Maryland — which has already legalized medical marijuana — eventually fully legalizing the drug, just not while Martin O’Mellowharsh is governor.


*: “What? You’ve never heard their early stuff? Man, you don’t understand, it’s like Syd Barret was like…it’s like…it’s so much more far out than like…”

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  1. Lets say mj is a gateway drug so what risk takers will use either way. Is there a large percentage of people not using mj because it’s illegall ..of course not. Seriously doubt legalization will create more users. Facebook or twitter should set up a vote on the issue to see the real numbers.

  2. The gov is in line to be Hil’s VP. Gotta keep it straight for the national stage. If not for that, I bet he’d switch his position faster than a bong hit.

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