Centre Theatre
The newly re-lettered Centre Theatre. Photo by Eric Hatch.

North Ave just regained a tiny bit of its old charm, as the Centre Theatre facade finally got some letters back up there. The renovation is being done by non-profit Jubilee Baltimore with support from MICA. (It’s right across the street from the Parkway Theatre, which is being redeveloped by MICA, Johns Hopkins, and the Maryland Film Festival).

MFF Director of Programming Eric Hatch posted the above picture to Facebook on Friday, noting that the presence of the lettering “makes such a difference.” Sure does. Hopefully there are plans to restore the marquee, too!

6 replies on “North Ave Just Got a Little More Beautiful”

  1. This is quietly becoming the most exciting, most livable neighborhood in the city. It’s almost covert how it is happening without big money from major corporations and chains…

  2. Great to see MICA involved. In Savannah the Savannah College of Art and Design has hugely reshaped the city to everyone’s benefit.

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