Are You As Obsessed With Serial As I Am?

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I blogged about Serial, the new podcast from This American Life producer Sarah Koenig, a few weeks ago, right after I listened to the first two episodes. I had an inkling it would get big, but I had no idea it would get this big.

Now on its seventh episode, Serial has become wildly popular, attracting nearly a million listeners per episode, and inspiring rabid speculation all over the internet. I enjoy the show for its true crime pacing and its journalistic self-deconstruction, of course–but I also love just how Baltimore it is.

If a weekly half-hour or so isn’t enough to satisfy you, you’re in luck: The Baltimore Sun has compiled its original coverage of the disappearance of high school student Hae Min Lee, the charges brought against her boyfriend Adnan Syed, and the trial where he was found guilty of the crime. Eager Redditors have already pored over these stories, and it’s possible that you may discover a spoiler or two if you get too deep. But if you want a local take on a crime that’s once again getting nationwide attention, the Sun’s coverage is the way to go.

(If you’re not yet obsessed, start here, with Episode 1. Believe me, it won’t take long.)

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  1. I’m also totally obsessed with this radio series. This American Life is addicting to start… This series is so well done and just lured me in. And it’s really sad. What has been bugging me after the first show is how odd and weird and creepy that the one kid who ratted on Adnan seemed so blase when he described how allegedly Adnan told him about the plan. “Yeah, we got coffee, we did this, we dropped her here.” My “no way” meter was blaring and I thought the taped testimony was really odd. Great post.

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