Although, as some allege, the media is deigning to pay much attention, you’ve probably heard that progressive activists — and Susan Sarandon and Cornel West — are protesting in New York City by occupying Wall Street. Inspired in part by the Arab Spring uprisings across the Middle East, the leaderless protesters are mobilizing against corporate influence in politics, bank bailouts, and “those who profit off of the suffering of others.” 

Copycat movements have sprung up all over the US, using social media to garner interest and spread the word. Sure enough, Occupy Baltimore is now a Google Group (you’ve got to register to see postings), and a Twitter feed. Planners hope to occupy the park space around the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon sometime next week.

3 replies on “Occupy Wall Street… and Baltimore?”

  1. The Washington Monument location is NOT decided, and probably won’t be the actual location, just an idea that was thrown out there. Meeting on Sunday at the Baltimore Free School (1323 N Calvert St) at 9pm to figure out the details.

  2. Thanks, Nick. Let us know when the where/when gets finalized… Tuesday in the Inner Harbor, I hear?

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