Chelsea Plymale, Ocean City’s ‘Pole Doll’

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Ocean City "Pole Doll" Chelsea Plymale
Photo via People of the Ocean City Boardwalk.

Chelsea Plymale, Ocean City’s no-longer-all-that-mysterious boardwalk pole dancer, told WJZ she “didn’t know [she] was going to be pushed into the spotlight like this.” She’s referring to the national coverage (in outlets like USA Today and The Blaze) of the controversy that erupted after Plymale set up a pole and performed in a bikini on the resort town’s boardwalk on August 9.

But even if she couldn’t have seen this sudden fame coming, she’s ready to capitalize on it. Plymale has returned at least twice to the boardwalk, branded herself “OC’s only Pole Doll,” and wondered aloud (half jokingly?): “Maybe there’s a reality show in the mix for me. That would be a lot of fun. I could be, like, the next Snooki.”

Plymale’s performances, which the dancer describes as “completely tasteful,” have galvanized individuals and businesses with a stake in Ocean City’s family-friendly reputation. But a 2012 agreement signed by the city that affirmed the First Amendment rights of street performers to perform have left them frustrated. The photo above was posted to Facebook by People of the Ocean City Boardwalk with the caption: “Pole dancer on 2nd St.? Come on Ocean City Police Department and the town of Ocean City, MD – The Official Page. Is this the “Family Resort” that you want?”

You know you’ve really set people off when you’ve got them calling on the police to make an arrest without cause!

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