A New Florida Spice Looks Suspiciously Similar to Old Bay

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A new spice is making it look like Old Bay decided it was time to retire and move to Florida.

According to The Daily Record, Biscayne Bay looks a lot like Old Bay. The design of the package looks a little too familiar for McCormick’s tastes. The Sparks-based spice company filed a federal trademark infringement lawsuit against Biscayne Bay’s maker, Badia Spices.

The suit was filed last week. But like all good journalists, The Miami Herald already did the lawyers’ work for them. Last year, the Herald’s Evan S. Benn flagged the similarity upon Biscayne Bay’s release at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival.

“There’s little doubt what popular brand of seafood spice Badia is trying to remind consumers of with its Biscayne Bay label,” Benn wrote.

But Benn will not find universal acclaim in Maryland. In terms of flavor, he noted that Biscayne Bay is “smokier than Old Bay, with a finer grind of spices.”

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