O’Malley Auditions for 2016 at DNC Tonight

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At 10 p.m. tonight, our spotlight-loving governor will take the stage at the Democratic National Convention. He’ll be there to rally around Obama, sure. But he’ll also be paving the way for his own presidential bid in 2016. He will give his address to set up the keynote speaker just as networks begin their live coverage of the event, so his audience is potentially quite large.

He’s said his speech will focus on “the importance of moving forward and not back.” If the plain language and simplistic concept of that statement accurately reflects the tone of his address tonight, it’ll be a far cry from his botched 2004 attempt, in which O’Malley spoke of an America “whose alabaster cities gleam undimmed by human tears.” Yeah, “forward, not back” sounds like a nice, safe choice this time around.

I have a feeling he’ll nail the whole I’m-just-here-to-support-my-party-but-if-you-wondering-yeah-my-schedule’s-pretty-open-in-2016 political balance. He’s been the Dems’ best attack dog for years now, and advancing himself in the name of defending his party is his most polished trick at this point.

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