O’Malley Is a Blogger Now

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O'Malley is a blogger now
Via Letters to the People of Maryland

With very, very little time left on his run as governor of Maryland, Martin O’Malley has decided to start a blog. In his first post at Letters to the People of Maryland, O’Malley writes:

“What will follow on this blog — in the days remaining of the O’Malley/Brown Administration — are a series of essays, letters to new leaders, and reflections. These are one man’s perspective, informed by experience, caring, and the goodness of the people I have served. They are my un-edited [sic] thoughts on the work done — and the work that remains to be done — for the better, more prosperous, and more secure future our children deserve.”

While the hyphen in “un-edited” argues somewhat for the truth of that last sentence, these are some pretty polished posts. And they’re coming out quick! Since Jan. 1, O’Malley has published 14 entries (though one of them was just “Go Ravens!” with a picture of him and his wife in Ravens jerseys).

The most interesting post is entitled “Judicial Appointments.” The accompanying picture shows (what I assume are) the governor’s former Chief Judge Robert Bell’s legs in Joker pants, bright socks, and fancy shoes. A lighthearted visual for what is deceptively dark subject matter. O’Malley glosses over his tough-on-crime stance that left at least one wrongfully convicted person languishing in prison four years after it was determined he was innocent with a terse statement : “I have not granted many commutation requests.”

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  1. Did someone forget to push the “accept changes” button? Why are we seeng (goid) marked changes?

    • Bob originally had the wearer of the Joker pants, colorful socks and fancy shoes wrong and he marked the copy to indicate the change. It is intentional.

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