O’Malley Brainstorms with Faith Leaders on Immigrant Children

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immigrant children
Photo via the Blue Journal

Only a few days ago, Gov. Martin O’Malley got into a little tiff with White House aides when he blasted the Obama administration’s less-than-welcoming stance toward the wave of unaccompanied immigrant children that recently flooded our border. O’Malley decried the president’s plan to send most of the children back to their home countries as a move that would send them “back to certain death.” In retaliation, the White House leaked that O’Malley had opposed housing the children at a facility in Carroll County. Now O’Malley has to put his money where his mouth is.

On Monday, the governor convened a group of religious leaders to brain-storm how Maryland might aid the immigrant children. According to the Washington Post, the group discussed reuniting families and organizing clothing drives in addition to securing housing.

A primary concern for Bishop Larry Lee Thomas Sr. of the Empowering Believers Church of the Apostolic Faith in Glen Burnie is that the children be protected from “that voice of hate” that we’ve heard in response to the crisis, a voice that found clumsy expression in graffiti on that aforementioned Carroll County facility. (The graffiti read “no illeagles here,” which, as Baltimore Fishbowl writer Rachel Monroe pointed out, might lead one to assume that the building were being considered as a veterinary clinic specializing in birds of prey.)


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