Sometimes the actual news is so wacky it’s difficult to distinguish it from all the fake, satirical, or just plain old untrue news out there. That, at least, is one excuse that presidential hopeful (and former Maryland governor) Martin O’Malley might consider giving to justify a recently released policy paper which cites the satirical website the Daily Currant as if it’s a legitimate news source.

In the paper, O’Malley writes about the need for increased oversight of the financial industry, and notes that senior officials at the Department of Justice (among many others) are deeply enmeshed in the industries they’re supposed to be regulating. But the footnote for the point about the DOJ links to a Daily Currant article that (fakely) says that Eric Holder has taken a $77 million job with JP Morgan Chase.

Fortunately for O’Malley, his gaffe wasn’t as embarrassing as the time a Maryland police chief quoted a fake news story about marijuana overdoses (also written by the Daily Currant) on the Senate floor. Indeed, O’Malley’s overall point is largely a good one. But maybe his fact checkers and speech writers need to familiarize themselves with the array of fake news sources out there before the 2016 campaign gets into full swing. Just a suggestion.

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