O’Malley Likely to Get Everything He Wants This Year, Too

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At the annual Business Journal summit, Maryland Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller said, “Wind energy” — meaning Gov. Martin O’Malley’s proposal to install wind turbines off the coast of Ocean City — “will pass the General Assembly this session.” The Baltimore Sun reports that the governor himself feels great about his chances with an assault weapons ban. And Miller thinks O’Malley’s “persuasive techniques, of which he has many,” will be enough for the governor to secure the votes to repeal the death penalty.

Sure, the opposition to any of these measures could probably secure the signatures to bring them to referendum, as we saw last year with the Dream Act, marriage equality, expanded gambling, and congressional redistricting. But we all know how those ultimately fared.

If I seem a little wary about O’Malley’s projected legislative successes, please don’t interpret that as opposition to the measures themselves. I just find it a little unsavory when an executive wields inordinate power in the legislature. I guess I’m just old-fashioned that way.

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