O’Malley Makes New York Post’s Gossip Column

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This is the kind of thing that you leak yourself, right? Would anyone really have run to the Post with the news that they sighted Gov. Martin O’Malley dining with actor Josh Charles, and gay rights activist Brian Ellner? It’s interesting, to be sure. It implies that O’Malley is not taking this definitely-gonna-happen same-sex marriage referendum lying down.

Sometimes I get down thinking how hard it will be to get same-sex marriage approved in referendum, and then I remember we’ve got an influential governor who’s hoping to make a marriage equality a center-piece to his legacy and I think, Maybe we’ve got a shot!

Anyway, kudos, O’Malley. You’re mentioned before David Wain (of The State and Stella) and Frank Oz (if you don’t know, I’m not telling you). I only hope your next tabloid appearance comes with an unflattering candid photograph.

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