O’Malley Mulling Run for Democratic Party Chairman

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Via Martin O'Malley/Twitter
Via Martin O’Malley/Twitter

Maryland’s former Democratic two-term governor Martin O’Malley didn’t come close to making the cut to be the Democratic presidential nominee this year. However, he could resurface at the top of his party as it seeks to regroup from a devastating election loss.

Today, O’Malley issued a statement and a matching string of tweets saying he is exploring a run to be the Democratic Party’s chairman: “Since the election, I have been approached by many Democrats who believe our party needs new leadership. I’m taking a hard look at DNC Chair because I know how badly we need to reform our nominating process, articulate a bold progressive vision, recommit ourselves to higher wages and a stronger middle class, and return to our roots as a nationwide, grassroots party.”

Even while losing the nomination, O’Malley has already has had some practice on on the national stage for the party this year. He made a fiery speech at the Democratic National Convention in July that drew cheers when he blasted Donald Trump’s actual beliefs, such as his dismissal of climate change as a hoax and his overt racism.

However, instead of looking outward at what’s wrong with other politicians, the Democratic Party may need to do some internal reflection on its identity, given the recent election night loss. The next party chairman will be spearheading that effort. Furthermore, the party may be looking to distance their image from families like the Clintons, who represent the Democratic establishment that a near majority of the country rejected this past Tuesday.

According to The Washington Post, O’Malley has some competition. Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, who was already DNC chairman from 2005 to 2009, and U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota are already in the running, and the latter has gotten some strong endorsements.

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