O’Malley Not as Popular in His Home State as His Smile Would Suggest, Says WaPo

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Last week I questioned whether Hillary Clinton (should she decide to run) would really prove an insurmountable obstacle for Gov. Martin O’Malley (should he decide to run) in the 2016 Democratic presidential primary. I figured that O’Malley’s deficit in name recognition would be easy to overcome. But according to a poll conducted by the Washington Post, Clinton is “wildly more popular” than O’Malley even in Maryland. For 56 percent of Democrats in the state, Clinton is the first choice for president, while eight percent prefer O’Malley.

The rest of the numbers aren’t great either. The governor has only a 49-percent approval rating — compare that to Gov. Robert Ehrlich’s approval rating (56 percent) only months before he lost his bid for re-election.

So it looks like O’Malley will have to do more than increase his name recognition in far-flung regions of the country. He’ll need to revive his image in the very state he would use as his executive credentials.


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