Gov. Martin O’Malley held a press briefing on Friday ostensibly to talk about his prospects as the Democratic candidate for president in 2016, but more time was spent discussing the dysfunction within the Deomcratic party that left Maryland with half a budget plan at the end of the legislative session.

O’Malley blamed the budget fail on the “silly bomb”  — a gaming bill — that Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller backed, and which sidetracked the General Assembly.

“There’s this silly bomb that sometimes gets unleashed in the Maryland General Assembly, and when you throw the silly bomb in among the Democrats in the Maryland General Assembly, everyone starts acting silly,” O’Malley said. That’s good; I think I could explain that to my niece.

As for 2016, O’Malley said he wasn’t thinking about it. Instead he was focusing on what needed to be done right now for Maryland.

But of course, as hard as it is to take politicians seriously in general, it’s harder when they may have presidential ambitions. I mean, isn’t “I’m focused on doing what I need to do to get my legislature back on track” exactly what you would say if you were gunning for the White House in four years? No one says, “You bet I’m thinking about it — I stay up at night imagining myself as president. I need to be president, bad, for deeply personal reasons.”