O’Malley Says Md. Health Website Now Working for “Most” Users

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I will be the first to admit that I don’t know much  basically anything about website functionality. But what in the heck is up with this Maryland health-insurance exchange website? It is so broken — and has been since Oct. 1 — that even after fixing nine “major” problems, all Gov. Martin O’Malley can say is that the site is “now functional for most of our citizens.”

Well, that’s what the Affordable Care Act is all about, isn’t it — getting “most” Americans health insurance.

To be fair, those nine — nine! — major fixes include an end to the website’s “tendency to freeze just as users seeking to obtain insurance plans clicked the ‘Enroll’ button.” An improvement, to be sure.

One insurer on the exchange noticed no meaningful difference between how the site works now and how it worked a week ago.

But even those who have noticed progress can only offer unintentionally hilarious praise. “The fact that the system didn’t crash like it did the previous Saturday was a big improvement,” a public information officer for the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services told the Washington Post.

O’Malley says “it will be exciting to see what this week brings.” For some (or okay, sure, “most”) it may be exciting. For others it will likely continue to be frustrating.





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  1. O’Malley will say anything and The Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Fishbowl will believe and report it without asking any of the hard questions. Please do your homework before reporting this BS.

    Didn’t O’Malley say he was going to stop BGE from raising their rates in 2002 when he first ran for Governor. The answer is yes. If you asked him if he accomplished, he was say yes and you would report it.

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