O’Malley to Base Presidential Campaign Headquarters in Baltimore

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O’Malley’s new headquarters

Martin O’Malley is expected to announce something (I think we can all guess what) on May 30.

According to the Baltimore Sun, O’Malley also has plans to lease 7,200 square feet of office space near Penn Station for, well, something — maybe a presidential campaign headquarters, but maybe something entirely different!

All vagueness aside, the Sun reports that the O’Malley PAC (cleverly named O’Say Can You See) plans to pack up its current DC headquarters and move into 1501 N. St. Paul Street (that’s the former post office and current Railway Lofts building just south of Penn Station) by the middle of next week.

Given that both Frank Underwood (of House of Cards) and Selina Meyer (of Veep) became president while being based in Baltimore, this seems like an auspicious move for O’Malley. Of course, both of those characters are fictional, and didn’t have Hillary Clinton to contend with…

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