On Tuesday, two Texas college students with a comedy show convinced Martin O’Malley to perform a rap about guns live on camera. That means Ben Carson is no longer the only 2016 presidential candidate from Baltimore with a rap-inspired campaign song.

The lyrics of the song, which the two interviewers wrote specifically for O’Malley, are as follows:

I’m Martin O’Malley, please vote for me,

Not Clinton or Sanders or Huckabee.

The NRA hates me ‘cause I don’t like guns,

Guns guns guns, I don’t like them guns.

But if you look at the polls, you might get the impression

That United States president won’t be my next profession

But just FYI bro, you’re so dang wrong

Soon my polls will be higher than Cheech and Chong.

Yep, it’s pretty awkward. But I’ve got to give props to O’Malley for being game. Want to see for yourself? Check the video out below:

YouTube video