Onion Makes Fun of Baltimore’s Heroin Epidemic

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Photo via National Geographic

Last year, Baltimore’s opiate problem was the stuff of (unflattering) mainstream news reports. Now the Onion has seized on city’s drug problem as fodder for satire.

“Study Finds Majority of Accidental Heroin Overdoses Could Be Prevented with Less Heroin,” yesterday’s Onion headline reads. The story purports to report on a study from “Johns Hopkins” which quotes the “study leader” as saying “While these findings are by no means a silver bullet, I think it’s fairly conclusive that putting less heroin into your body is a highly effective preventative measure against overdosing on heroin.” It may be satire, but it’s also good advice, I suppose!

In recent months, the Onion has made fun of Baltimore’s boarded-up vacants, post-Freddie Gray unrest, and dudes who sit around in bars, drinking.

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