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The Onion prods Baltimore once again, this time for its millennial appeal

Image via The Onion

Here’s some national press that Mayor Catherine Pugh may be none too pleased about: The Onion has rolled out a blunt fictional tagline for the city to try to draw young people in, worded simply, “You Get Used to It.”

Onion Makes Fun of Baltimore’s Heroin Epidemic

Photo via National Geographic

Last year, Baltimore’s opiate problem was the stuff of (unflattering) mainstream news reports. Now the Onion has seized on city’s drug problem as fodder for satire.

The Onion Makes Fun of Baltimore in Predictable Ways



When the Washington Post is snobby about Baltimore, it raises our ire. The Onion? Well, they can get away with a bit more. Still, I can’t help but feel that they could work a little harder for their jokes. “Final Police Report: Only 20,000 Killed During Ravens’ Super Bowl Parade,” the satirical news website wrote earlier this week. Ha! Get it? Baltimore is violent!