The Onion prods Baltimore once again, this time for its millennial appeal

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Image via The Onion

Here’s some national press that Mayor Catherine Pugh may be none too pleased about: The Onion has rolled out a blunt fictional tagline for the city to try to draw young people in, worded simply, “You Get Used to It.”

The idea behind the marketing campaign, the satire publication reports, is that starry-eyed young professionals come to Baltimore with grand expectations, and may actually decide to stay after finding themselves neither disappointed nor wildly impressed with all that the city has to offer.

To drive home its point, the fake newspaper even “quoted” Baltimore Development Corporation president Bill Cole:

“We have some halfway-decent bars and restaurants that you’ll come to appreciate once your standards aren’t quite what they used to be. And, in time, if you let go of some of the big dreams you came here with as a bright-eyed twentysomething, you’ll even start to see that we have some employment opportunities in this city you may find adequate enough to carve a career out of.”

We won’t waste time dispelling this notion, as anyone who really lives here should know there’s a robust arts scene, superb takes on creative and traditional cuisine from all over, a strong sports culture, impressively resilient communities, an emergent tech community, innovative research happening at local universities and some of the best neighborhood bars you could find in any locale in the country.

The mildly insulting bent is on par with the last Onion piece concerning Baltimore, in which they praised Charm City’s quality of life for pigeons, which love dirty puddles (for which we are, admittedly, not lacking). For what it’s worth, it’s way classier than making light of the city’s heroin problem.

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