Did we mention Valentine’s Day is coming? Not the cynical, “what a bogus, trumped-up, retail event” Valentine’s Day, but the “she makes me so happy” day that acknowledges the scientific truth that gifts are important factors in every relationship. Flowers and chocolate are always wonderful, but maybe this year you want to try something different, something easy, something you can find, buy and send, say…from work. In that case, here are some last minute, online ideas for your best girl, or girls.

Green Girl – Here’s a really nice idea for that rare woman who “has enough stuff.” Lease her a share in a farm. From Rent Mother Nature, she can rent part of a dairy farm, an orchard, or a bee hive. She’ll receive a deed, farm updates, photos, and at a pre-appointed time, receive the appropriate form of produce, from cheese to honey, to nuts, eggs and more. $$ 

Sexy Girl – if you or your sweetheart would enjoy a $220 body suspender (and who wouldn’t?), this is the place. Agent Provocateur is a steamy pleasure palace of high-end lingerie. It might be the most fun you’ve ever had with your clothes on, and no worries, she’ll get the message. 

Silly Girl – Seattle-based shop Archie McPhee is world-renowned for having the very best funny, crazy, kitschy stuff online. Shop toys and joke items in categories like Bacon, Weird, Mustaches, and naturally, Underpants. Which would she like more, the rubber octopus arm, the finger sporks or the squirrel underpants? You’ll laugh out loud trying to decide. $ 

Material Girl – Not into fashion, but wouldn’t turn up her nose at a pair of antique English club chairs? A 1960’s Hobie surfboard? A 300-year-old baroque Italian mirror? 1st Dibs has stupendous pieces of estate jewelry, antique furniture, and glamorous “objets” at the very high end of the price scale. Well, they are “the most beautiful things on earth”…$$$$$ 

Garden Girl – if your girl has dirt under her fingernails, Digging Dog Nursery is one of the greats, especially for native plants and trees. Digging Dog offers gift certificates with a $30 dollar minimum.  For free, you get an enclosed message, and the low key, hand-illustrated, lovingly detailed newsprint catalog that only a gardener could love. $ 

Arty Girl – Unless she’s like my friend Mimi, who bought a 4’ x 6’ canvas and some house paint, mixed herself a pitcher a margaritas and called it a color field painting, a gift of art might seriously impress.  UGallery has a high quality selection of original art — oil paintings and more — that will nicely fill that blank spot on the wall. But unless you’re an art dealer, choosing a painting without consulting her is probably a bad idea. Search this one together. $$$ 

Glam Girl – Do men know about Net-A-Porter? For a guy who’s at all interested in fashion, it’s a gold mine of potential gift ideas. A beautifully wrapped and hand delivered gift from Net can demonstrate how much you’ve noticed about her own (expensive designer) style, or give her a nudge in the (expensive designer) direction you’d like her to go. Careful with that last one, though. $$$$ 

Little Girl – for daughters, granddaughters and young friends, there are some proven winners, like the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory, the Popcorn Factory, and of course, Archie McPhee (see above). But after a certain age, maybe ten, there’s really nothing like a box of flowers to make her feel like a woman. $ www.kabloom.com