Oops! Balto. Jail’s Cell Phone Blocker Works a Little Too Well

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The key feature of Baltimore City Detention Center’s new anti-cell phone system is that it only blocks calls (on unauthorized devices) from within the prison. It’s what keeps BCDC’s cell phone crackdown legal. But Maryland Reporter‘s Len Lazarick says it doesn’t work so well — or at least it didn’t when he found himself stranded with a blown out tire across the street from the facility.

When Lazarick tried to call AAA from “100 feet outside the high prison wall” he got heard a recorded message:

“The cellular device you are using has been identified as contraband and is illegal to possess under Maryland statute 9-417,” it says. “All attempts at communications are being monitored and recorded and may be used administratively and in a court of law.”

Then his call was disconnected. He says he was eventually able to place a call after walking a full block to East Monument Street. Yikes!



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