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Jail Officials Asked Gang How They Should Run Jail



Things got crazy last year at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Guards had affairs with prisoners, cell phones got smuggled in, and drugs were rampant. It seemed like a literal example of the prisoners running the prison. Now, according to recent testimony from a former jailhouse officer, it turns out that was even more true than we thought. If the allegations are true, then jail management was actually holding meetings with the Black Guerrilla Family, the most powerful gang in the prison, to get tips on how to improve jail operations.

Oops! Balto. Jail’s Cell Phone Blocker Works a Little Too Well



The key feature of Baltimore City Detention Center’s new anti-cell phone system is that it only blocks calls (on unauthorized devices) from within the prison. It’s what keeps BCDC’s cell phone crackdown legal. But Maryland Reporter‘s Len Lazarick says it doesn’t work so well — or at least it didn’t when he found himself stranded with a blown out tire across the street from the facility.

When Lazarick tried to call AAA from “100 feet outside the high prison wall” he got heard a recorded message:

“The cellular device you are using has been identified as contraband and is illegal to possess under Maryland statute 9-417,” it says. “All attempts at communications are being monitored and recorded and may be used administratively and in a court of law.”

Nine Months and $5.4M Later, Balto. Jail May Have Fixed Its Cell Phone Problem



You may have heard about an embarrassing episode at the Baltimore City Detention Center that came to light in April 2013. Alleged gang leaders, flush with contraband cellphones, continued to orchestrate criminal activity from behind bars.

Now state officials say the problem is basically solved. Since the FCC doesn’t allow the blanket jamming of cell reception, the state installed at BCDC a $5.4 million “Managed Access” system that selectively blocks calls from unauthorized cell phones made within the prison, while allowing calls from authorized devices as well as calls to 911.

General Assembly Considers Ways to Make Baltimore Prison More Like Actual Prison



Nine months after the Baltimore City Detention Center raised (lowered?) the bar for prison corruption scandals, Maryland lawmakers are understandably considering ways to make the BCDC less conducive to running massive criminal enterprises while incarcerated.

In addition to the updated camera system already in place — one that monitors corrections officers as well as inmates — lawmakers have suggeste polygraph tests for prospective guards, the use of body scanners, penalties in the form of increased jail time for inmates caught smuggling cell phones, and “ways to eliminate the sex between officers and inmates.”

How Baltimore Plans to Make Sure There Are No Embarrassing Jail Scandals in 2014



So, the Baltimore City Detention Center had a pretty bad year, what with those allegations of drug smuggling and inmate-guard sex and all that. But the best thing about a disaster is the opportunity it provides to do better next time. If only two Baltimore corrections officers get pregnant by an inmate in 2014, well, that’ll be significant progress!

6 Biggest Shake-My-Head Moments of 2013

via A Few Jordanisms
via A Few Jordanisms

As we look back on the year, let’s remember six moments that left Marylanders bemused, outraged, or even embarrassed, depending on one’s sense of humor.

6) There was the time Maryland schools exempted an unprecedented number of students from a standardized reading test to inflate our public schools’ national ranking.

5) And who could forget the plight of the Park Elementary second-grader who was suspended for chewing his pop-tart into the shape of a gun and making “inappropriate gestures that disrupted the class.” (This shake-my-head moment even spawned a sequel when Anne Arundel Republicans presented the kid with a lifetime membership in the National Rifle Association.)

4) 2013 was also the year Maryland got its own secessionist group, which hopes to take the five westernmost counties and form a more politically conservative state.

3) Remember when a brilliant Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon compared Obamacare to slavery — slavery! — on national television?

Was Md.’s Corrections Secretary Actually the Hero in Baltimore’s Insane Prison Scandal?

Resigning Maryland Corrections Secretary Gary D. Maynard
Retiring Maryland Corrections Secretary Gary D. Maynard

When it came to light that the Baltimore City Detention Center was the site of a scandal worthy of being adapted into a blockbuster crime thriller — featuring corrupt corrections officers aiding incarcerated gang leaders, and even sleeping with them — Maryland Corrections Secretary Gary D. Maynard was on the shortlist of people to blame.

But in a very persuasive opinion piece at Maryland Reporter, Barry Rascovar argues not only that Maynard is not to blame for the corruption that pervaded the Baltimore jail, but that he should be given full credit for putting it to rout — and that in fact the unfortunate political position he now finds himself in is a testament to his honesty, dedication, and class.

As Rascovar would have it, when Maynard’s department first uncovered evidence of corruption among BCDC staff, he could have taken a politically convenient approach: made a few arrests and held a self-congratulatory press conference. Instead, he invited the FBI to aid in a deeper investigation aimed at fixing the system once and for all. Rascovar credits “grandstanding” from the FBI (specifically a “flashy press conference” that downplayed Maryland’s role in initiating the probe) with making Maynard look like he was sitting on his hands, or worse, oblivious to the criminal activity.

Probably the Only Time It Has Ever Been Convenient to Be Deployed to Afghanistan



When Derrick Jones of Aberdeen received orders to ship off to Afghanistan in mid-October with the Maryland National Guard, he may have thought, “Just in the nick of the time.” Jones is a corrections officer who had recently become a suspect in the outrageous corruption scandal at the Baltimore City Detention Center.

Allegedly, Black Guerrilla Family leader Tavon White (who, in case you forgot, allegedly ran his criminal operations from jail with the full cooperation of several corrections officers — four of whom he fathered children with) referred to Jones has his “homeboy” in intercepted phone conversations.

We’re Not There Yet: Instagram Alive and Well at Baltimore City Detention Center



From the Fox Baltimore article
From Fox Baltimore

Prison officials won’t confirm that these photos are legit, but it certainly looks like an inmate at the Baltimore City Detention Center is posting photos to his Instagram account on a contraband cellphone that we’ve gone to the trouble of training dogs to sniff out. The pictures aren’t particularly exciting — one man or several men standing around in prison — but it’s one more embarrassment for a system embroiled in a scandal so terrible it’s almost silly.