Jail Officials Asked Gang How They Should Run Jail

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Things got crazy last year at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Guards had affairs with prisoners, cell phones got smuggled in, and drugs were rampant. It seemed like a literal example of the prisoners running the prison. Now, according to recent testimony from a former jailhouse officer, it turns out that was even more true than we thought. If the allegations are true, then jail management was actually holding meetings with the Black Guerrilla Family, the most powerful gang in the prison, to get tips on how to improve jail operations.

“It was pretty much upper management and the gangs having their own meetings,” Cory Trusty testified, according to the Baltimore Sun. Such meetings were “a well-known fact,” he added.

Now, these are all just allegations at this point. If they’re true, they seem to point to even deeper levels of corruption than previously imagined. Or maybe jail management was actually doing a smart thing. If the prison gang really was in charge, it makes sense to get their opinion on how things should be run.

Other former employees also allege that gang leaders were allowed to search new prisoners and keep any contraband they found.

“Basically we’re letting the inmates run the asylum,” Delegate John W. E. Cluster Jr., told the Baltimore Sun when he heard of the claims. Took the words right out of my mouth!

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