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Health Commissioner Wen Presses Need to Treat Baltimore’s Opioid-Addicted Inmates Now

The visitor’s entrance to the Baltimore City Detention Center. Photo via Wikimedia Commons.

City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen says Gov. Larry Hogan’s planned study about whether to turn the shuttered Baltimore Men’s Detention Center into a drug treatment facility is unnecessary, as plenty inmates are already suffering from opioid dependence.

Feds Arrest 28 Baltimore Immigrants in National Sweep Targeting ‘Sanctuary’ Cities

Photo via U.S. Department of Homeland Security/Wikimedia Commons

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents were in Baltimore this week arresting more than two dozen undocumented immigrants.

Report: Bail System Makes the Innocent Pay, Targets Poor Baltimore Neighborhoods



It’s no secret that the bail bonds game is a lucrative business, but according to a new report from the Maryland Office of the Public Defender, that game is costly for many who end up being found innocent anyway. It also perpetuates poverty in Baltimore’s poorest neighborhoods, the authors write.

Baltimore Inmate Accidentally Released Friday, Guards Discover He’s Gone Sunday

Rodriquez Purnell
Rodriquez Purnell

An inmate was “mistakenly” released from a Baltimore jail while on trial for murder last week, and he’s still on the lam. Now, a state delegate wants to turn the criminal investigation on the prison guards who let him out, according to the Associated Press.

Jail Officials Asked Gang How They Should Run Jail



Things got crazy last year at the Baltimore City Detention Center. Guards had affairs with prisoners, cell phones got smuggled in, and drugs were rampant. It seemed like a literal example of the prisoners running the prison. Now, according to recent testimony from a former jailhouse officer, it turns out that was even more true than we thought. If the allegations are true, then jail management was actually holding meetings with the Black Guerrilla Family, the most powerful gang in the prison, to get tips on how to improve jail operations.

Former Md. Narc, Former Md. Prisoner Co-Author Book on Mass Incarceration



The Justice Policy Institute’s new book, Incarceration Generation, features essays from 19 authors on the topic of incarceration in the United States, from personal experiences to analysis of (rather alarming) statistics. Those authors include both Maryland State Police narc turned anti-War on Drugs crusader Neil Franklin and former prisoner Greg Carpenter, who now works to help prisoners transition back into society.

Does Baltimore Need a Youth Jail?


As cash-strapped as Baltimore City is, it’s found the means to start constructing a new multi-million dollar jail, specifically intended to house youths charged as adults… and activists city-wide think that sounds like a mis-use of funds.

Those in favor of the jail point out that the current system houses youths alongside adults, and that this new jail is intended to improve living conditions for these kids.

Critics point out that the jail isn’t needed, and that the government is basing its claims on flawed data — for example, in 2007 the Department of Public Safety projected that they’d need 178 beds to house young inmates by 2010; in actuality, only 92 are there. Flawed stats mean that the case for the jail is weakened. Consider also that the past eight years have seen a steady decline in youth arrests, and that more than two-thirds of the kids who do end up being charged as adults don’t make it into the normal jail population (either because they’re released on bail, have their cases dismissed, or are sent to the juvenile system). “The Governor should not invest millions of dollars in a jail that will be over half empty,” they proclaim.

Hundreds of people protested the jail’s construction on Tuesday. City Councilmembers Mary Pat Clarke and Jack Young have come out in favor of stopping proceedings on the jail to focus instead on “more effective and less costly alternatives to pre-trial detention.”  O’Malley has agreed to suspend construction for the time being, but the project is still slated to move forward.