Photo via National Geographic

Prince’s death is widely being attributed to complications stemming from opioid addiction, the latest drug panic to sweep America.

Baltimore was recently (and controversially) dubbed the heroin capital of the world, but the surrounding counties are also having their fair share of opioid-related tragedies: Over the weekend, three people fatally overdosed on heroin in Harford County, the Baltimore Sun reports; a fourth person OD’d, but didn’t die.

Harford County has tried a variety of approaches to combat the growing opioid addiction problem, including heroin checkpoints. Maryland lawmakers are currently debating bills that aim to address opioid abuse, but are being stymied by a lack of funding.

The county’s police department issued a statement reminding the friends and loved ones of addicts that they’re the first line of defense in protecting people against fatal overdoses: “We ask that parents, family members and friends, take note of the activities in their home, check on loved ones whom they know are suffering with addiction and continue to offer love and encouragement. And remember, always dial 911 in an emergency, when every second counts.”