The Orioles Really Want to Give You a Manny Machado Garden Gnome

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via @Orioles
via @Orioles

Following up on last year’s pirate bobblehead in the minors, the Orioles are going full gnome with Manny Machado.

Manager Buck Showalter got the gnome treatment last year, but this year the Orioles turn to a star player to test if the (admittedly awesome) giveaway gimmick has staying power.

The garden gnomes are available for one night only on July 9, when the O’s play the Los Angeles Angels.

Baseball is a long season with seemingly as many giveaways and theme nights as home games. But the team’s PR department clearly circled this date.

The gnome has a GIF:

The gnome goes with the team on roadtrips:

The gnome even has its own legend:

And now he has a friend:

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