The Orioles Are Slow and Bad at Stealing

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The Wall Street Journal crunched some numbers and decreed this year’s Baltimore Orioles to be the slowest team that Major League Baseball has seen in half a century.So far this year, the team has racked up only 13 stolen bases, which puts the O’s on track to have the fewest bases stolen since Detroit in 1972. In the 1980s, teams were averaging more than 100 steals a year. But stealing isn’t the only thing that Baltimore has been historically bad at this year. The team has also had only three triples so far this season. That is basically unheard of. “In the entire history of Major League Baseball, there has never been a team with fewer than 10 triples, according to,” the WSJ notes, “save for a handful of Union Association teams in 1884 that played fewer than 30 games.”

But none of that means much, considering that the O’s are currently the top ranked team in the AL East. That’s in part because baseball is increasingly abandoning the stolen base. And they won last night, too — no steals or triples necessary.

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