Our sixth annual Baltimore Fishbowl Guide to Independent Schools is out! Over the next few weeks, we’ll share on Baltimore Fishbowl stories you’ll find in the guide about the students, teachers, administrators, and programs that make up the independent school community. Check out the digital version above, and read our Notes from the Editor, below, to learn more about this year’s guide.


By Muffy Fenwick, Editor

Dear Readers, this edition of the Guide to Baltimore Independent Schools marks its sixth year of publication. Each year, we are in awe of the innovations happening in local independent schools, the creative minds that run them, and the vibrant student body that fills their halls. This year is no different. However, layered onto this new year is a level of resilience and determination borne out of the global pandemic. 

When schools resumed last fall, classrooms looked very different. Some were broadcast over screens, while others were populated using masks and social distancing. Despite this, schools ushered in new programs and bolstered old ones. In this issue, our writers dive deeper into the lessons learned from COVID- from the positives that grew out of Zoom meetings and outdoor classes to how coaches and athletes adjusted to the changed sports landscape. In addition to this, Baltimore added a new boarding school option to its list of nationally recognized area boarding schools, and we explore the unique local boarding school experience. 

In our Program Spotlight section, you will hear about the classes that comprise students’ schedules and revolutionize the traditional school curriculum. Our Influencer section highlights the leaders who navigated these unchartered waters and why they continue to love their roles as educators. Finally, our ever-popular School Spirit section showcases the students who, despite hybrid learning, a loss of many school traditions, and new health protocols, seized every opportunity at their schools and even created new ones. 

For all of us, the school guide reminds us each year of how fortunate we are to have a wealth of school options in and around Baltimore. Whether you are new to the area, new to independent schools, or looking for a new understanding of some long-held notions, this year’s guide will provide more insight and information to help you in your research. Listen to the administrators, understand the programs and, most importantly, get to know the students. You will not be disappointed!

Muffy Fenwick