Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore
Drone photo of Mt. Vernon by Elevated Element, via Technically Baltimore

For most people, drones don’t have great connotations. We associate them with bombs being dropped in foreign countries, or with sinister domestic surveillance programs. But a couple in Owings Mills has been putting small, unmanned aircraft to a different use — they’re using them to create art.

Elevated Element started as a photography project dreamed up by husband-and-wife team Terry and Belinda Kilby. They used the technology to take photographs of familiar Baltimore-area monuments from unexpected angles. “Even subject matter that may have been shot hundreds of times before can suddenly become fresh again with a new perspective,” they note on their website.

And now that a judge has ruled that it’s legal to fly commercial drones in U.S. airspace, the Kilbys are planning to expand their business to offer “drones for hire” to folks who are interested in taking aerial photographs. They imagine it might appeal to people “in real estate, land development, large outdoor events and golf courses,” Terry Kilby told Techincally Baltimore. (The site also has a great write-up of the current state of commercial drone laws, in case you’re interested.) I imagine the service would also be a boon to, well, nosy people. Ever wanted to see what’s going on in your neighbor’s back yard? Now’s your chance!

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