Owners of Baltimore Eagle building seek new operator, say they’re open to selling

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Photo by Brandon Weigel

The owners of the Baltimore Eagle, the prominent local leather bar that closed last month amid a dispute with the managers of the establishment, have listed the building on a commercial real estate site in the hopes of finding a new operator–or selling the business altogether.

Charles Parrish posted the ad for the building, located at 2022 N. Charles St., on LoopNet, touting a “[c]ash flow possible over $1,000,000 a year.”

After shutting down in 2012 and sitting dormant for several years as partners worked to get a liquor license, the Baltimore Eagle reopened in 2017 after an extensive renovation. The ad highlights the stage and nightclub area, three bars, a seven-day liquor license, two new walk-in coolers, an outdoor patio and a modern kitchen as some of the property’s amenities.

In their farewell letter, the operators of the Eagle, doing business as 4 Crazy Guys LLC, accused Parrish and his son, Ian, of meddling in the business and for toning down the sexuality of events for women, objecting to marketing materials and locking the managers out of the Eagle’s social media accounts to protest certain pieces of marketing, among other accusations.

Ian Parrish denied those allegations, and in an interview, said his family had done a lot to resurrect the club.

“We put a lot into this,” he said. “This is bigger than the Parrish family, and it’s bigger than a real estate development project. This is part of a movement, it’s part of a legacy, and it belongs to the community.”

The Parrishes said they arrived on July 25, after the managers announced the closing, to find people streaming out of the back with liquor and merchandise. Inside, bottles had been emptied out into bar sinks. After the cleanup, the club reopened several days later.

What the future holds is unclear, as the ad on LoopNet says the Parrishes are open to selling the building instead of forming a joint venture.

“If you are that person or have a client, call to talk about this opportunity —- time is of the essence,” the ad says.

Brandon Weigel

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