Brown Paper Blogger launches Kickstarter Campaign

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support-our-kickstarterOne of our favorite bloggers Sara Barnes — check out our interview with her  — has just launched with her pal and collaborator Lisa Perrin a Kickstarter for a new art project.

“Lisa and I are in our final year of MICA’s MFA Illustration Practice program and currently working on our year-long thesis project. Part of our thesis work involves Píccolo, a collaborative illustration project dedicated to celebrating the small things. We have big plans for Píccolo, our ultimate goal being to the production of pop-up shops around Baltimore that bring small illustrated products to the people,” Sara writes.
For now, the two are starting smaller. They’ve commissioned four illustrators to create illustrations based on their name (small), and are planning to have them printed as 5″ x 7″ Petite Prints. “We’re super excited about the images and seeing them in our hands,” Sara goes on to explain. Píccolo is looking to to raise $2,500 to cover cost, materials, and distribution of the project. View the project here.

Susan Dunn

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