Park Elementary Student Suspended for Pop-Tart “Gun” Yet to Have Record Expunged

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Exhibit "A"
Exhibit “A”

The so-called “pastry gun incident,” in which a seven-year-old Park Elementary student was suspended for chewing a pop-tart into the vague shape of a gun and — and which, like, barely qualifies as an “incident” — is back in the news. The boy’s attorney, Robin Ficker, has reached a standoff with school administrators after pushing unsuccessfully to have the student’s record expunged.

So now the issue, which certainly to us on the outside looks like very much ado about absolutely nothing on the part of the administration, will be kicked up to Superintendent Kevin Maxwell.

On the other hand, Anne Arundel schools’ spokesman offered a pointed takedown of Ficker’s media-happy approach to the situation as he declined to comment on the content of the meeting or even whether one took place.


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  1. Ridiculous! Looks like he took a few bites out of it and said, “Hey this looks like a gun.” Even if he did do it on purpose. Big deal!! He is a 7 year old child with an imagination. Seems like the school district would have something better to do…like educate their students!

  2. This country’s public education system is woefully failing our children because of lazy, inept, entitled, unionized, teachers, and THIS is what they focus on?

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