Pawject Runway Cat & Dog Fashion Show: Help BARCS Raise Important Bucks

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If you were the kind of mischievous kid who liked to stuff your cat into a frilly doll’s dress, you’ll probably get an extra big kick out of Pawject Runway, the canine/feline fashion show to benefit BARCS this Thursday. But in any case — bratty past or no — who doesn’t love the site of a cute barking dog rocking an argyle body sweater? September 6 — from 6:30 to 9:30 — at the Bay Cafe in Canton, adoptable shelter dogs and cats will model pet-friendly fashions provided by Doggie Style in Federal Hill. Tickets are $20 each and all proceeds benefit the city shelter that saves many animals annually, but must also contend with enormous, impossible numbers of incoming (unwanted) pets. Read after the jump for the sobering statistics. So see you at the show?

How many animals does BARCS care for?

Some quick numbers (according to the organization’s website):

  • There are roughly 300 animals living at BARCS daily.
  • Approximately 200 additional animals are in foster care.
  • BARCS receives an average of 33 new animals every day.
  • Our total intake each year is over 11,000 animals.
  • In 2010, BARCS received 4,812 dogs, 6,064 cats, and 738 other types of animals.

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