Pearl’s to Be Replaced by After-Dinner Bar Lobo in Fells Point

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Fells Point

James “Jamie” Hubbard and Mike Maraziti, the men behind One-Eyed Mike’s in Fells Point, are buying the building that currently hosts Pearl’s at the intersection of Aliceanna and Wolfe streets. They’re opening a new “after-dinner destination” they’re calling Lobo.

They haven’t decided on the “buzzword” that best describes the cuisine, and they won’t reveal the identity of the chef (except to say it’s someone with a “very diverse” background who has worked in Baltimore for six years), but according to Baltimore Business Journal the menu will include “coffee cocktails, desserts, charcuterie and craft beer.”

Lobo will initially keep late hours, but Hubbard hopes to eventually expand into lunchtime.

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