A Perfect NCAA Tourney Bracket Could Get You Lots of Free Crab Cakes

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Jimmy's Famous Seafood crabcakes
Jimmy’s Famous Seafood crabcakes

It’s the time of unsanctioned office pools as we gear up for the NCAA Tournament this week. Usually the prize is enough money to buy a few rounds at happy hour and bragging rights, but one restaurant is putting a Maryland spin on the proceedings.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood is running a bracket challenge, and there are lots of free crab cakes involved for the winners. The big prize is the rare perfect bracket, meaning you pick every team correctly. This basically never happens. The NCAA got all C-3PO and calculated the odds. It’s in 9.2 quintillion to 1. But, Jimmy’s Famous Seafood may not have liked their odds when they offered free crab cakes for life to Chris Davis if he resigned with the O’s, and look what happened.

The other prizes are pretty good, too. First place, imperfect bracket gets a feast for 19 people, and there are some O’s tickets, too.

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