Meteorologist Tony Pann doesn’t believe in climate change, but you wouldn’t know that if you only watch him on WBAL-TV, because he doesn’t have much occasion to bring it up. He has, however, discussed it on his blog at, and he’s argued with other local meteorologists about the validity of climate change over social media, which was then covered by the Baltimore Sun and City Paper.

This was enough to catch the attention of two climate change advocacy groups (Forecast the Facts and Chesapeake Climate Action Network) which have started a petition demanding that WBAL publicly denounce Pann’s views.

It’s the first time Forecast the Facts has gone after a single meteorologist for his non-compliant views, and if they continue, they may have their work cut out for them. Despite climate change being basically a settled question among scientists, something like 1 in 4 TV meteorologists in the U.S. don’t believe in it.