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Brett Hollander will host afternoon talk show on WBAL-AM, station announces

Image via WBAL-AM.

Radio host Brett Hollander will shift from talking sports in the evenings to discussing the issues of the day during the 1-3 p.m. weekday slot at WBAL 1090, the station announced today.

WBAL-TV’s Adam May is leaving TV news, and Baltimore

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Veteran Baltimore TV news reporter Adam May is leaving WBAL and Charm City behind for a communications job in his home city of Minneapolis.

Ron Snyder Examines Pro Wrestling in New Book

Photo by Steve Ruark, courtesy of Jmore

By Jeff Seidel

As a kid growing up in Pikesville, Ron Snyder always loved watching professional wrestling on TV. The wild action and over-the-top drama attracted him, and Snyder often went to the then-Baltimore Arena with his parents to see live wrestling matches.

WBAL-TV’s Omar Jimenez Drops Rap EP, ‘Reporting Live’

Still via “Ready for It” music video, via OJ Trop/YouTube

Even if you haven’t heard of local hip-hop artist OJ Trop, there’s a good chance you’ve seen him on the evening news.

After Town Hall Filled with Boos, Rep. Andy Harris Responds: ‘People Were Not There to Listen’


Rep. Andy Harris had a long Friday evening filled with boos at a much-anticipated town hall on the Eastern Shore. On Monday morning, he reflected upon the experience on a Baltimore radio show, saying the raucous occasion didn’t go quite as well as one of his online powwows with constituents.

WBAL loses Orioles Radio Rights, News Director

Fred Manfra will still be in the booth for O's games.
Fred Manfra will still be in the booth for Orioles games.

WBAL radio chose to dump all its departure news in one day. 1090 AM will no longer be the spot on the dial for Orioles games next season, and news director Michelle Butt is leaving for North Carolina.

The Most Absurd Weather Report You’ll See This Year


There are so many great things about this video from WBAL. The inane ice cream blather! The rambling about the goggles! And, of course, best of all, the random man in a horse costume wandering around in the background, as if every blizzard comes complete with its very own horse-human hybrid.

We’ll just chalk this one up to snow madness on everyone’s part, and move on.

Petition Organized Against Baltimore’s Climate Change Denying Meteorologist



Meteorologist Tony Pann doesn’t believe in climate change, but you wouldn’t know that if you only watch him on WBAL-TV, because he doesn’t have much occasion to bring it up. He has, however, discussed it on his blog at Examiner.com, and he’s argued with other local meteorologists about the validity of climate change over social media, which was then covered by the Baltimore Sun and City Paper.