Ron Snyder Examines Pro Wrestling in New Book

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Photo by Steve Ruark, courtesy of Jmore

By Jeff Seidel

As a kid growing up in Pikesville, Ron Snyder always loved watching professional wrestling on TV. The wild action and over-the-top drama attracted him, and Snyder often went to the then-Baltimore Arena with his parents to see live wrestling matches.

Snyder also loved writing and became a local community journalist. But he never lost his passion for professional wrestling – the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) kind, not the competitive type of wrestling found in high schools and colleges.

A 1996 Pikesville High School graduate, Snyder has combined his writing and reporting skills and knowledge of wrestling to put together his first book, “Wrestling’s New Golden Age: How Independent Promotions Have Revolutionized One of America’s Favorite Sports” (Sports Publishing).

Read more about how Snyder put it all together from our friends over at Jmore.


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