Pigtown Design: 2013 Year in Review

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The past week, and indeed, the past year has just passed in the blink of an eye. As I look through the posts of the 2013, I find that I’ve forgotten way more than I remembered! But it was a great year overall.

The year started off with a quick trip to NYC with pal David to go to the launch of Scalamandre’s new line of china.It also gave us a chance to do some shopping in some great stores, including the perennial favourite, John Derian.

Early February we had a high note here in Baltimore with the Ravens’ win in the Super Bowl, and the whole city being filled with much excitement and many purple lights!2013-01-20_14-04-14_718

Another quick trip to NYC in March to hear Mitch Owens’ talk on Ruby Ross Wood,NYC 1 (24)and to take a print to be framed at J. Pocker (more on that shortly).

I started a new job in April that combines my fundraising expertise with my love of history.

In April, I also attended the Spring High Point Furniture Market and saw loads of brilliant piecesand met lots of fun people!

In May, I headed to upstate New York to spend the weekend with fellow blogger, Reggie Darling,and to attend the Trade Secrets Show in Connecticut.

June brought the beginning of auction and yard sale season, and I managed to corner the market on blue and white china!

In July, I showed you a very personalized present I made for some dear friends.for tks2 copy

I also welcomed some friends to Baltimore and took them on a tour to show them that “Baltimore’s NOT Just the Wire!”, a recurring theme here!greenmount

August brought a bountiful harvest of peaches and figs, and combined with bourbon, I made several batches of jam and preserves!
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In September, I featured Bunny Mellon’s NYC house that was on the market and got loads of comments, as it’s quite an amazing place!image

October brought another trip to High Point, and more amazing furniture!

October also brought one of my favourite stories – the Cheapside Hoard, a treasure trove of jewelry that was discovered after being buried for more than 400 years.‘This image may be reproduced free of charge if used in editorials that promote or review the  Museum of London exhibition ‘Cheapside Hoard, London’s Lost Jewells’ 2014. All images must be credited.<br /><br /><br />
All other uses must be cleared with the Museum of London.’<br /><br /><br />

November brought a quick trip to Philadelphia and all that center city had to offer,and it also began my new caramel-making project!

And December was filled with preparations for the holidays, including a visit to The Christmas House!

It’s just amazing how quickly this year has passed and I look forward to sharing another year with you!

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Meg Fielding

Meg Fielding writes the local interior design and lifestyle blog Pigtown Design. She enjoys dual citizenship with the US and the UK.

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