Pigtown Design Brings London’s Portobello Road to Halcyon House

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For many years, I’ve been collecting English antiques, both here in the States, and on my annual trips back to the UK. In March, I took a driving trip through England and Wales, and picked up many treasures along the way. I generally sell things on-line as PigtownDesign, but for the next two weeks, I am going to have a live pop-up shop which mimics the hustle, bustle, and variety of antiques and oddities found on London’s famous Portobello Road.



From Friday, September 16 to Saturday, September 24, Halcyon House Antiques will host a sale of these treasures. Among the items on offer are a blue and white basin made in August of 1877, a silver roll-top serving dish with all its pieces, an incredible selection of Wedgwood jasperware in a rainbow of colors, a wide variety of mother-of-pearl handled knives and forks, an assortment of silver teapots, and a custom-designed collection of Baltimore and Anglo-themed tea towels in linen and cotton.



Halcyon House Antiques is located in a beautiful cottage on Greenspring Avenue, just north of Green Spring Valley Road. The shop is filled home accessories, jewelry, antiques and more all arranged in the little house’s many rooms. Halcyon House is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 10-5. www.halcyonhouseantiques.com

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